Call to support the German #Aufstehen (#Standup) Movement

The world is at a critical turning point. The destructive Western policy of unilateral military interventions, illegal regime change and economic sanctions increases the danger of military escalation, while ruthless financial exploitation and environmental degradation are destabilizing entire regions and creating millions of refugees.

The time has come to unite against this threat to humanity. Respect for the principles of sovereignty, self-determination, non-interventionism and social justice must be restored, and compliance with international law must be a top priority. We must be united in voice and action.

As supporters of World Beyond War, a global movement to end all wars, we appeal to the international community to support#Aufstehen (#StandUp), a new social renewal movement launched in Germany that seeks to advance peace, social justice and global cooperation. The movement is a cross-party project that supports the concept of a peaceful, multipolar world. Just two months after its start, more than 150,000 German citizens have pledged their support, including numerous personalities in science, politics and culture.

#Aufstehen connects with progressive European and global organizations to re-energize a divided Left and Peace movement, pushing back against neoliberalism and the rising tide of right-wing populism. Directly inspired by #Aufstehen, the Patria e Costituzione – Sinistra di Popolo movement has just been launched in Italy. Other allies include the La France Insoumise party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Momentum from the Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and progressive movements in the Americas.

#Aufstehen maps out a new progressive, political direction that empowers citizens who feel ignored, unrepresented and betrayed by their political leaders to contribute their own ideas and organize a democratic, people’s agenda.

Some of the issues to be addressed include:

  • international peace, diplomacy and détente; respecting the principles of non-intervention, non-aggression, sovereignty, human rights, and global cooperation; a non-confrontational foreign policy regarding Russia;
  • opposing torture, surveillance and censorship; an end to interventionism, proxy wars, and arms exports; an end to supporting terrorism and regime change;
  • halting the spread of fascism, xenophobia, racism & discrimination; fairness and accuracy in media; promoting independent & community media platforms;
  • higher living wages; job safety and security; good pensions; improved elderly care & health care; affordable housing; a strong welfare state; a compassionate and fair refugee policy; free and comprehensive education;
  • ending privatization of public resources; ending austerity; supporting fair trade, taxation & wealth distribution; reversing gentrification;
  • the protection of the environment; clean energy; nuclear disarmament; safeguarding biodiversity;

#Aufstehen, and its counterparts in Europe, the U.S. and globally, are important movements that facilate the emergence of a peaceful, multipolar world. Whether you are a citizen of a “first or third world“ nation, we are all experiencing a convergence of the same problems and crises.

None of us can stop the war machine alone from within our own national borders. Progressive global forces must unite and mobilize worldwide for peace, justice and a world beyond war.


Everyone can sign this call.
Here more information about #aufstehen.

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We are supporting this appeal:


Heinrich Bücker, Berlin WBWCoop Anti-War Café
Albert Leger, Berlin, Germany
Elke Zwinge-Makamizile, Berlin, Germany
Tomasz Kempinski, Artist, Berlin, Posnan
David Swanson, Director for World BEYOND War, author, anti-war activist, USA
Judith Bello, UNAC administrative committee, Webster, USA
Leah Bolger, chair for World BEYOND War, Veteran, anti-war activist, Oregon, U.S.
Dietrich Antelmann
, Diplomkameralist, Berlin, Germany

Kristin Dooley, Director, Women Against Military Madness, Minneapolis, USA
Lindis Percy, Co-Founder, Coordinator of Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases  CAAB
Wolfgang Penzholz, Author, Berlin, Germany
Frank Dorrel, Anti-War Peace Activist, Culver City, California, USA
Diana Johnstone, journalist, author, Paris, France
Greta Zarro, Organizing Director for World BEYOND War, Organic Farmer
Tim Nolan, Investigative Reporter, Saint Paul, MN, USA WorldPeaceBlog
Jovanovic Gordana, Prof. für Psychologie, Universität Belgrad, Serbien
Edward Horgan, academic researcher, Limerick, Ireland
Kyoko Tanaka, Berlin
John Morris, UK, The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment
Ana Barbara von Keitz, Handwerkerin, Berliner Arbeitskreises Uran-Munition
Elias Werner, Erzhausen, Germany
Ekkehard Lentz, Sprecher Bremer Friedensforum
Jürgen Axmann, Werder, Physiker, Germany
Helmut Holfert, Ostdeutsches Kuratorium von Verbänden e.V. (OKV), Berlin
Paul Teschner, Jazzmusiker, Berlin, Germany
Mima Kang, Seoul, South Korea
Junghyun Yoo, Seoul, South Korea
Johannes Heemann, attorney, Dresden, Sachsen, Germany
Alicia Staufenbiel, Berlin, Germany
Kim Petersen, Harbin, China
Victor Shapinov, St. Petersburg, Russia
Wolfram Kastner, artist, München, Bayern, Germany
Robert Hunziker, Eco Warrior Journalist, Los Angeles, USA
Andreas Griewank, Professor, Berlin, Germany
Dieter Arbeiter, Berlin, Germany
Pia Planker, Duisburg, Germany
Jutta Woelk, Retired, Heikendorf, Germany
Ulrich Fiedler, Halle/Saale, Germany
TM Rotschönberg, Maler & Graphiker, Obergruna, Germany
Dittmar Schippel, retired, Wittstock, Germany
Einar Schlereth, ret. journalist, Klavreström, Sweden  Website 
Antonie Brinkmann, Bremen, Germany
Bärbel Heinemann, teacher, Lübeck, Germany
Bert Bläske, Gosen – Neu Zittau, Germany
Ulrich Boje, Dipl.-Ing., Berlin, Germany
Peter Unsicker, Bildhauer, Galerist, Berlin, Germany
Uwe Walz, Retired, Berlin, Germany
Uwe Giebner, Berlin, Germany
Hugo Muggler, Rentner, Speicher, Switzerland
Sylke Lückmann, Riedlingen, Germany
Bernd Kolkwitz, Rentner, Finsterwalde, Germany
Hans-Peter Koehler, Alzey-Heimersheim, Germany
Fritz Balke, Berlin, Germany
Michael Fliegner, Rentner, Mühldorf
Harry Popow, Rentner, Blogger, Autor, Schöneiche b. Bln
Heide Janicki, Rentnerin, Braunschweig, Germany
Andreas Becker, Böblingen, Germany
Heinrich Lenz, Imker, Bremen, Germany
Matthias Scho, Tecklenburg, Germany
Ursula Mircov, Rentnerin, Leverkusen, NRW / Germany
Ullrich Franz, Rentner, Chemnitz, Germany
Hanns-Ullrich Batisweiler, Amerang, Bayern, Germany
Martin Birkle, Hanau, Hessen, Germany
Barbara Birkle, Hanau, Germany
Frank Dühlmeyer, Nürnberg, Germany
Anton Moos, Horgen, Switzerland
Axel Schulz, Brandenburg, Germany
Anne-Kathrin Wölk, Berlin, Germany
Paula Hofmann, Rostock, Germany
Ursula Rocci, Ravensburg, Germany
Graziano Rocci, Ravensburg, Germany
Kriemhild Natmeßnig, Feldkirchen, Austria
Jürgen Hölzinger, Arzt, Berlin, Germany
Ulrich Hörberg, Frankfurt, Germany
Hans-Peter Zepf, Physiker, Tuttlingent, Germany
Tobias Hesse, Cottbust, Germany
Helge Böhme, Oberst a.D., Berlin, Germany
Michael Sommer, Meinersen, Germany
Veronika Thomas-Ohst, Aachen
Maria Deters, Wippingen, Germany
Fred Schlicke, Rentner, Dresden, Germany
Günter Steigerwald, Kinderpsychotherapeut, Möfelden-Walldorf, Germany
Peter Brecht, Weinsberg, Germany
Erika Zeun, Rentnerin, Sehmatal-Cranzahl, Germany
Michaela Hezel, Primarschullehrerin, Eupen, Belgium
Ute Breitenbach, Berlin, Germany
Klaus Hofmann, Rentner, Schwerin, Germany
Harald Buwert, Olching, Germany
Erwin Schneeberger, Techniker, Graz, Austria
Gisela Meinke, Berlin, Germany
Stefan Kreft, Essen, Germany
Herbert Müller, Rentner, Werben, Germany
Ute Welke, Rostock, Germany
Charles Melis, Rentner, Berlin, Germany
Leonid Chernikov, Hamburg, Germany
André Lohmar, Rentner, Berlin, Germany
Felix Weigel, Roth, Germany
Elke Schneider, Frankfurt, Germany
Else Tonke, Berlin, Germany
Helmut Semmelmann, Rentner, Berlin, Germany
Ernst Josef Püschel, Hürth, Germany
Hans-Peter Köhn, Kinesiologe, Potsdam, Germany Webseite
Karin M. Schmidl,Weigendorf, Germany
Joachim Elz-Fianda, Arzt, Nördlingen, Germany Webseite
Jürgen Suttner, Siegen, Germany
Elfriede Krutsch, Ärztin, Berlin
Heidrun Hankammer, Berlin, Germany
Jürgen Lorenz, Dresden, Germany
Hans-Jürgen Witt, Rentner, Raduhn, Mecklenburg, Germany
Walter Friedmann, Bühl, Germany
Inge Ammon, Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany
Jovanovic Gordana, Prof. Psychologie, University Belgrad, Serbia
Heidrun Hankammer, Berlin, Germany
Gisela Hess-Hatting, Rentnerin/Autorin, Viöl, Germany
Johannes Werner, Berlin, Germany
Fred Schlicke, Rentner, Dresden, Germany
Franziska Gärtner, Unternehmerin, Flintsbach, Germany
Jürn-Hinrich Volkmann, Lehrer i.R.. Berlin, Germany
Reinke Fehsenfeld, Oberstudienrat, Marklohe, Niedersachsen, Germany
Monika Kremmer, Berlin, Germany
Renate Möller, graphic designer, Berlin, Germany
Hans Hiebel, retired, Graz, Austria
Uwe Houfek, Dresden, Germany
Enrico Wendt, Unternehmer, Wismar, Mecklenburg/Vorpommern, Germany
Heide Wenke, Lehrerin, Oldenburg i.O.
Herbi Mitterbacher, Binnenschiffer, Pleinting-Hofkirchen, Bayern
Wolfgang Schulz, retired, Berlin
Siegfried u. Rudolf Stejke, retired, Neustadt
Csilla Horvath, Berlin
Miriam Volkmann, Berlin
Ursula Brümann, Berlin
Wolfgang Hobeck, Rentner
Nathalie Fiedler, Karlsruhe
Gerd Mende, Dresden
E. Rasmus, retired, Berlin
Lothar Ejrst, retired, Berlin
Ann Ruthsdottir, retired designer, Brunswick, ME, USA
Peter Wigg, medical practitioner, Melbourne, Australia
Phil Runkel, Archivist, Waukesha, WI, USA
Heinrich Hochheimer, Rentner, Gaggenau
Daniel Krug, Schönberg, Sachsen, D
Alyette Ozoux, Lyon, France
Daniel Gilman, Vietnam War Veteran, Seattle, USA.
Mark Gleave, Scientist, Seattle, WA, USA
Riitta Wahlstrom, CEO, Helsinki, Finland
Ellen Barfield, volunteer peace and justice activist, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Elfriede Wallor, ret., Tarmstedt, Germany
Niklas Göpel, Hattingen, D
David Haisley, retired, Lakewood, CA, USA
James Walter, Vienna, Austria
Bernd Gnant, Rentner, Geithain, Sachsen, BRD
Manfred Führer, Offenbach am Main, Germany
Michael Fritsch-Duinkerken, München
Vera Rehm, Berlin, Germany
Dariusz Prentki, Rentner, Möhnesee, Germany
Tino Koehler, Paketbote , Ummendorf, Germany
Robert Haisley, Artist, New York, USA
Maria Eisenhut, Kosmetikerin, Offenbach, Germany
Valeria Sonda, Firenze, Italia
Charlotte Muijs, Leipzig, Germany
Hannelore Shahbazi, Freiburg, Germany
Annie McStravick, Palestine-Solidarity activist, Paris, France
Jean Bricmont, La Hulpe, Belgium
CJ Hopkins, Author, Berlin, Germany
Karen Sharpe, Paris, France
Betty McElhill, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Marc-Antoine Coppo, scientific researcher, Nice, France
Dittmar Zengerling, Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany
Klaus Deutsch-Robin, Fachkraft Umweltschutz, Köln, Germany
Miles Haisley, Teacher, Long Beach CA, USA
Ute Noelle, Elze, Germany
Rui Almeida, Dalby, Sweden Website
Markus Leuthold, Gossau ZH, Switzerland
Brigitte Krammer, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany
Uwe Elgert, Stemwede, Germany
Wolfgang Trittin, Rechtsanwalt, Darmstadt, Germany
Antonie Brinkmann, Bremen, Germany
Adi Golbach, Werder, Germany
Dietrich Harloff, Ueckermünde, Germany
Marietta Hoevel, Artist, L’Aquila, Italy
Mette Kramer, Gesundheits-/Ernährungsberatung, Muenchen, BRD
Ethem Perovic, Ottobrunn, BRD
Edibe Sakallah, Stuttgart, BRD
Uwe Elgert, Stemwede, BRD



to also endorse this appeal please use E-mail form below to sign or send directly to