Multipolar World Against War (extended version)

Multipolar World Against War

An Urgent Call for a Multipolar Coalition for Peace

Our world stands at a critical and dangerous juncture. The destructive policy of unilateral military intervention and illegal regime change practiced by the United States and its allies has led to the possibility of a military confrontation between major world powers and nuclear-armed nations that could trigger a new World War.

This is an urgent call to all nations, organizations and individuals worldwide, to join together in forming a global coalition that seeks to avert disaster by strengthening Multipolar cooperation, peaceful diplomacy and international law, while categorically rejecting interventionism and unilateral aggression.

The world has arrived at this point because of reckless foreign policy , gross human rights violations and the wanton destruction of entire cultures. Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S.’s latest aggressive policy shift was enshrined in a PNAC (Project for a New American Century) document published in September 2000 entitled, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century,” where they revealingly determined that:

“…If an American peace is to be maintained and expanded, it must have a secure foundation on unquestioned U.S. military preeminence….”

Under the media guise of “The War on Terror“, “WMD’s“ or “Humanitarianism“, the U.S. (together with its allies) presently executes this overtly imperialist doctrine through the expansion of NATO, the launching of multiple wars for control of foreign resources, and the establishment of hundreds of military bases overseas. It overthrows non-­compliant heads­-of­-state through the use of unsanctioned military force or color revolutions. It contaminates entire regions with cancer-causing depleted uranium munitions.  It justifies the use of torture, electronic surveillance, killer drones, cyber warfare, and the rolling back of domestic civil liberties – while whistleblowers that expose these crimes are threatened and criminalized.

Even economic warfare in the form of sanctions, vulture capitalism, IMF-imposed austerity, secretly negotiated trade deals like TTIP, and financial manipulation is unleashed against its enemies – and even its allies – forcing them into submission.

Dangerous Flashpoints

Is the world safer? What are the results of these unilateral actions? The promises of increased democracy, national security and economic well-being from Western intervention has only left a deadly legacy of failed states and disastrous outcomes. Furthermore, this unilateral policy is now targeting Russia and China, exposing humanity to the risk of global thermonuclear war.

In East Asia, Washington has deemed China’s dynamic rise as a strategic threat to U.S. interests, and has responded militarily by agitating and encircling China, while inflaming territorial disputes with its neighbors. At the same time, neo-­liberal free ­trade agreements negotiated in secret like TPP are being implemented to counter China’s economic influence, while enabling corporations to keep workers exploited, environmental protections sidelined, and entire nations powerless.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and NATO are backing a corrupt regime with Nazi ties in Ukraine that they put into power through a violent coup. The regime’s repressive policies sparked a civil war that created more than a million refugees, prompting Crimean residents against the coup to rejoin Russia in a referendum. Though more than 90% of Crimeans voted in favor of reunification, the Western powers and the media accused Russia of interference, choosing to apply tough economic sanctions, and to station NATO military personnel and weapons directly on Russia’s borders. The West is even considering the European redeployment of nuclear weapons to “counter the Russian threat“. Does this make the world safer?

In Syria, the U.S./NATO/Gulf Coalition is illegally waging a dual campaign of fighting terrorism and regime change simultaneously, demanding that yet another elected head-­of-­state step down. However, this U.S.-­led Coalition is supporting extremist mercenaries with strong links to Al ­Qaeda and ISIS ­ whom they dub “the moderate opposition“ to bring down the Syrian government. So while they officially condemn terrorism and pledge to fight it, they continue to train, fund, arm, and support the very groups they say they are fighting.

Worse still, the U.S.-­led Coalition, ­illegally operating without a UN mandate and no permission from the Syrian government, ­is operating with a separate agenda in the same theater as the legally-­mandated Syria/Russia/Iran Coalition, the one overwhelmingly supported by the Syrian people who fear for their lives. Instead of joining forces against terrorism, the West is inflaming the crisis through belligerent rhetoric, dangerous provocations and the flagrant disregard of international law. Does this make the world safer?

Media as a Tool for War

The role of the media in promoting these wars and destructive policies cannot be overstated. Whether demonizing a leader, a religion, or an entire nation, – the Western media chooses to echo Western talking points to scare the public into supporting war, rather than reporting on the facts. Politically motivated criticism is used to discredit and undermine Russia and Syria for “actually“ fighting terrorism or legally defending their own borders. Dubious accusations are regularly leveled at Russia and its president without any evidence, while Western media outlets legitimize these often debunked claims – further distorting the reality. Thus, Russia is often portrayed as a threat equal to ISIS!

However, it must not be forgotten who demonized Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, who actually created the chaos that engulfs Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Ukraine, and who continues to threaten other nations – including Russia, China and Iran. Against the backdrop of escalating ecological crises, extreme poverty and increasing social and religious tensions, this extremely dangerous foreign policy pursued by the West and its media is creating more terrorists, more victims, more refugees, more poverty and more destabilization – bringing the world ever closer to the brink of disaster.

There IS an Alternative

The time has come to counter this grave threat to humanity. Respect must be restored to the principles of sovereignty, self-determination and non-interventionism -­ and the adherence to international law must be paramount. Though most nations respect this, Russia and China are the major world powers that support the concept of Multipolarity, and act as a global counter­balance to Western hegemony. Whatever domestic issues they may have, their cooperative approach is supported by the majority of nations, by global alliances such as the Non­-Aligned Movement, the G77 or the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), and by the Latin American alliances (UNASUR, ALBA and CELAC).

Moreover, these Multipolar nations are providing alternatives to Western-­controlled institutions and their neo­-colonial practices. Their multilateral institutions and development projects such as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), the AIIB, and the massive “New Silk Road“ Eurasian development project are rooted in non-interventionism and mutual respect. In sharp contrast to Western trade deals, bilateral cooperation with these Multipolar nations is increasingly producing win-win outcomes for many developed and developing nations in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. In total, the majority of the world’s nations support a Multipolar approach to global affairs based on the principles of the U.N. Charter and the Declaration of Human Rights, which is why the West wants to derail it – it’s a threat to their global hegemony.

Therefore, all those who seek peace – be it nations, organizations, movements or individuals from all across the political, economic, social and cultural spectrum ­ must stand together as one voice in support of Multipolarity. This voice must be amplified over the Western media spin by supporting truthful, Multipolar and independent media sources. This voice could be organized through major conferences into a coalition with initiatives, political positions, and a platform.

This Multipolar coalition should be mobilized into a force that can pressure the West into abandoning their destructive policies by directing their political and economic support toward nations that have pursued (or desire to pursue) a balanced policy of cooperation and diplomacy. Even as individuals, we can apply pressure by contacting government offices and media outlets en masse, altering our voting and spending habits to support proponents of Multipolarity, or finding creative ways to spread the word using art, music, film or literature. More than just a call for solidarity, this must be a political and grassroots force for positive change.

The Choice We All Face

Since the September 2015 U.N. General Assembly and the events that followed, two distinct forms of diplomacy have been on display for all to see, presenting the world with a choice: Do we want a Unipolar world in which Western wars dictate the world’s fate, or a Multipolar world where sovereign countries work together in an environment of peace, cooperation and mutual respect? It is clear that the global majority chooses the latter.

Therefore, WE, the global majority standing together in solidarity for peace through diplomacy, declare that:

We respect all nations‘ sovereignty and their right to self­-determination. We believe that the future of ANY country must be decided by the citizens of that country alone, free from all external threats and interference, and that multinational conflicts should be resolved through political processes and diplomatic negotiations.

We support all nations that exercise a cooperative, multilateral approach to global affairs. The counter­productive and dangerous policy of unilateral military intervention is a violation of international law, and must be universally condemned.

We support nations and multinational coalitions that work determinedly to stop terrorism. Nations that directly or indirectly participate in the training, arming, funding and support of terrorist-­linked extremist groups do so in violation of international law and must be condemned, and held accountable.

We condemn Western­-oriented media outlets that demonize leaders or entire nations and religions, blatantly misrepresent the facts, and consciously present a biased, one­-sided view of events. We applaud and strongly support global media that is fair and balanced, and that objectively reports on world events.

We commit to engage in, or support nonviolent efforts to promote global peace and tolerance for all peoples and all beliefs. Please sign, and/or widely disseminate this declaration and all like­-minded efforts.

“NO to War… YES to a Multipolar World!“

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Persian – original 2016

جهان ما در یک برهه بحرانی و خطرناک است. سیاست مخرب مداخله نظامی یک جانبه و تغییر رژیم غیرقانونی ترویج و تمرین توسط ایالات متحده، متحدان آن و رسانه ها به احتمال درگیری بین قدرت های بزرگ جهان و مجهز به سلاح اتمی است که می تواند یک جنگ جهانی جدید را آغاز کند منجر شده است.
زمان آن رسیده است برای مقابله با این تهدید بزرگ برای بشریت است. احترام باید به اصول حاکمیت، حق تعیین سرنوشت و عدم مداخله ترمیم – و پایبندی به قوانین بین المللی باید در رسانهها باشد.
این یک تماس فوری به تمام ملل، سازمان ها، جنبش ها و افراد در سراسر جهان، برای پیوستن به تشکیل یک ائتلاف جهانی است که به دنبال جلوگیری از فاجعه از طریق تقویت همکاری چندقطبی، دیپلماسی صلح آمیز و قوانین بین المللی، در حالی که مطلقا رد مداخله و تجاوز یک طرفه است.
آیا ما می خواهیم یک جهان تک قطبی که در آن جنگ های غرب دیکته سرنوشت جهان، و یا یک جهان چند قطبی که در آن کشورهای مستقل به سمت یک محیط صلح، همکاری و احترام متقابل کار می کند؟ روشن است که ما، اکثریت جهانی، دومی را انتخاب کنید.
ما را در امضای اضافه کردن، حمایت و / یا به طور گسترده ای انتشار این بیانیه و تمام تلاش همفکر.
„نه به جنگ، بله به یک جهان چند قطبی!“ (نسخه توسعه یافته پایین را ببینید)
با استفاده از فرم پست الکترونیک زیر ارسال و یا به طور مستقیم به
لطفا اعلامیه „“ ثبت نام
مواردی که با ستاره (*) مورد نیاز است.
نام شما، نام
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We would appreciate to post your comments here.  Please sent to:

email     @

Fredrik S. Heffermehl, lawyer, writer, Oslo, Norway, Former member of the IPB, International Peace Bureau, Steering Committee. Vice president of IALANA, International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms. Former president of the Norwegian Peace Council. 
The goal of global security by respect and co-operation cannot be achieved in a world full of military business and forces with the opposite rationale – that was the idea that motivated Alfred Nobel when he established his „prize for the champions of peace“ working for international law and disarmament. See

Hans Boës, Fahrzeugbau, Berlin
For a peace dividend

Daniel Hollenberg, Student, Oberhausen, Deutschland
Es gibt keinen Weg zum Frieden, denn Frieden ist der Weg

Ruth Wright, retired, Northville, Michigan, USA
I want a peaceful world. L❤️be not hate!

Enrico Vigna, free lance, writer researcher, Turin, Italy
My full adhesion your campaign. I am speaker for Italy of Belgrade Forum, member of CIVG ( InitiativeCenterTruthandJustice). We have many projects and works on war and peace.

Natylie Baldwin, author/analyst, San Francisco Area, CA, USA,
Happy to sign this declaration.
Keep up the good work.

Claudia Karas, AG Palästina/Frankfurt, Germany
Was für eine Welt könnten wir bauen, wenn wir die Kräfte, die ein Krieg entfesselt, für den Aufbau einsetzten. Ein Zehntel der Energien, ein Bruchteil des Geldes wäre hinreichend, um den Menschen aller Länder zu einem menschenwürdigen Leben zu verhelfen und die Katastrophe der Arbeitslosigkeit zu verhindern (Albert Einstein)

What kind of world could we build, if we would use the forces that unleashed a war for the buildup of our societies. One tenth of the energy, a fraction of the money would be sufficient to help the people of all countries to have a decent life and to prevent the disaster of unemployment (Albert Einstein)

Esan Siva, commercial, Thiais, France
Un monde multipolaire favorisera plusieur point de vue, donc une possibilité d’échange.
Le pouvoir dans une seul main a montré son côté dangeureux pour ceux qui ne peuvent se défendre.
Pour moi les USA represente l’exemple parfait de mes dires!

June Vette, Mt Shasta, CA, USA
The end of war will be hopefully soon. Yes to a multipolar world! The power of this is in the people of the world.

Jay Wenk, veteran member of Veterans for Peace, Woodstock, NY, USA
I’m a WW2 combat Infantry Vet in Europe.

Carroll Nast, Colfax, CA, USA
I am a US Air Force veteran and member of Veterans For Peace.  Greedy corporations are a threat to life on earth as we know it.

Dr. Leo Semashko, Honorary President, Global Harmony Assotiation, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Excellent! But your motto should be supplemented as follows: „NO to War…
YES to a Multipolar World and its Global Peace Science!“ Do you agree with it? We published it on our website with link on your 
wonderful Petition for the UN!


Ray McGovern, Washington, D.C., USA
When the treaties comprising the Westfaelischer Friede were signed in 1648, I was just a young boy.  In due course, I learned that they brought unimaginable hope to Europe by ushering in a political order based on national sovereignty and non-aggression and ending the outrages of the Thirty Years’ War. Today’s war-hawks blithely predict, without any sense of history, another “30-years’ war.”  It is up to us to stop this madness before the nuclear genie gets out of the bottle and brings a violent end to our already dying planet.


Betsy Mullligan-Dague, Executive Director Jeannette Rankin Peace Center, Missoula, MT, USA,
We must put energy and effort into peace. And it will take us all working together

WAMM – Women Against Military Madness, Suzanne Al-Kayali, director, USA

Dr Peter Wigg, Victorian branch convenor, Medical Association for Prevention of War, Australia,

A conversation promoting war as either a noble venture or a wise and necessary undertaking is very strongly established in Australia, as elsewhere, mainly in support of US military activities. It is important to keep challenging this with an alternative approach.

Jonathan Thron, Berlin
Eine multipolare Welt ist gut gemeint, doch Frieden wird es erst durch die gemeinsamen Ziele der Menschheit geben.


Frank Dorrel, Culver City, CA, USA
Let’s Have Peace on Earth for Everyone!

Ada Aharoni, writer, Founder of IFLAC, Haifa, Israel 
Very crucial petition that all should sign. I am sending it to IFLAC – International Forum for the Culture of Peace

Vijay Mehta, Chari, Uniting for Peace, London, United Kingdom
Excellent initiative

Thomas Fusco, self employed, Brunswick, USA

If we don’t take Peace seriously think of the alternative.

Richard Greve, Staten Island, New York, USA

I’t really time for the people to say no to the warmongers who run many nations, especially in the US

Jörg Tauss, Kraichtal, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Wir brauchen eine neue Friedensbewegung!

Leah Bolger, Veteran and anti-war activist, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

The United States must be held to account for its many violations of international law, and it is only through the coalescence of other nations that this will happen.

Prof. Dr. Gregor Putensen, Hochschullehrer/Rentner, Greifswald

Ein zutiefst vernünftiges Anliegen, das dazu auffordert, dem Überlebensinteresse der gesamten Menschheit durch eine Rückbesinnung auf ein demokratisches Verständnis von internationalen Beziehungen wieder Geltung zu verschaffen. 

Alexander Ionov, President of the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia
Russian anti-war and human rights activists are ready to join your campaign against military and illegal invasion of imperialist US and its allies into the countries and regions of Middle East, North Africa, Ukraine, etc. We are standing for justice and multipolar world, as well as for self-determination, independence and democracy in any country of the world. Thank you for spreading this agenda!

Dieter Becker, Schriftführer des OKV Ostdeutschen Kuratoriums von Verbänden e.V.

Die Analyxe der jüngsten Entwicklung entspricht auch den Auffassungen des Ostdeutschen Kuratoriums von Verbänden e.V. Allerdings habe ich persönlich gewisse Zweifel, ob unsrere Appelle erhört werden. Trotzdem sollten wir immer wieder und wenn es geht gemeinsam unsere Stimme erheben, damit uns die Nachwelt nicht vorwerfen kann, wir hätten es einmal zu wenig getan..

Savvidis Lampros, Dipl. Elektroingenieur, Berlin

Krieg war und ist NIE ein Mittel um Probleme zu lösen !!! Reden und wieder Reden ist die einzige Art, um die Differenzen klar zu machen und dann schrittweise und kompromissbereit beiderseitig sie zu lösen.

Bodo Quart, Eisenbahn-Rentner, Berlin, Germany

Was hat die USA-Administration seit dem Ende des 2. Weltkriegs für Kriege und militärische Auseinandersetzungen provoziert? Die Militärs der USA sind weltweit friedensbedrohend; das zeigt sich überall dort, wo es um die Durchsetzung der Interessen der USA geht. Die NATO ist das Werkzeug dazu in Europa; sie hat „ganze Arbeit“ geleistet und wird es verstärkt weiter tun, wenn wir dem nicht Einhalt durch die Forderung nach einer nationalen und europäischen Souveränität und Solidarität gebieten.

Annette Klepzig, Wilhelmsfeld, BW, Deutschland

Krieg löst keine Probleme er veursacht sie!

Beatrice Gehrmann, Kulturschaffende, Berlin, Germany

War is over when you want it! (John Lennon)

Johnny Gaunt, Pontrhydfendigaid, Wales, UK

We are here, in Orwell’s dystopia. Clear redefinitions need to be made. War does not equal peace. There is no strength in ignorance. Slavery is not freedom.

Dr.  Elisabeth Quart, Berlin, Germany

Danke den Initiatoren. Möge diese Bewegung zum Umdenken bei den Regierenden führen im Interesse der künftigen Generationen.

Laurie Childers, artist, peace activist, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Superpowers endanger the robust health of human society that we can enjoy by having a diversity of approaches to culture and survival.  Let us be friendly toward one another and not greedy.

Jill Gough, National Secretary CND Cymru / Wales, Grossbritannien

We can only do this together!

Nasrin Parsa, Publizistin – Filmregisseurin – Soziologin, Berlin, Germany

Illegaler Regimewechsel und Entvölkerung der Städte durch Krieg ist Terror gegen Zivilsten. Krieg ist Terror.

Ellen Murphy, Bellingham,  Washington, USA

We are a multi-polar world. Let us not deny that reality. Let us make the best of it going forward. Let us thrive.

Zivadin Jovanovic, Belgrade, Serbia, Diplomat (rtd)

Multi-polarity puts an end on US/NATO world monopoly. It opens space for democratization of world relations, respect of  International principles and strengthening of UN as the only international community.

Holger Lichtwark, Kapitän, Berlin, Germany

Profitgier und mediale Verdummung erzeugen Kriegsgefahr. Offensichtlich gibt es keine Obergrenzen.

Judith Webster, website host, developer and administrator

The awful destruction of the ongoing wars for world domination combined with the threat of a new world war is horrific.     The undermining of international law weakens our best road to peace.

Bert Sacks, Washington, USA

Eisenhower warned us about the dangers of an out-of-control military-industrial complex.  John Kennedy was killed for standing up to and resisting those powers.  We must reclaim our democracy from those same powers.

Ellen Breidert, Bad Honnef, Germany

Krieg und Gewaltanwendung bringen lediglich Leid und Zerstörung. Ein Krieg kann bereits lange nicht „gewonnen“ werden.

Klaus Feldhacke, Rentner, Berlin, Germany

Die Staaten, die auf der “ Geberkonferenz“ Geld für Flüchtlinge sammeln, haben vorher Geld für Waffen bereitgestellt.Krieg beenden ! Frieden schaffen!

Tombolo Mukengechay, Jurist A.D., Berlin, Germany

Die Welt scheint gegenwärtig in realer Gefahr sein. Man muss über die eigenen egoistischen bzw. ideologischen Überzeugungen hinwegspringen und sich für Rettung d. Menschheit einsetzen.

Harald Nestler, Berlin, Deutschland, ehem. Handelsrat der DDR in der VR China

Leuten wie den Unterzeichnern dieser Erklärung wird oft Anti- Amerikanismus vorgeworfen.  Das ist nicht richtig: die Dokumente aus den Think- Tanks der US- Regierung geben selbst das Ziel der Politik für das 21. Jahrhundert deutlich vor. Die unipolare Weltherrschaft soll wieder hergestellt und mögliche Konkurrenten bekämpft werden (Russland, China, EU). Einziges Kriterium: Wohlstand des amerikanischen Volkes. Das kann auch friedlich erreicht werden! Bravo, amerikanische  Unterzeichner!

John Cooper, Professor of Chemistry, Retired, USA

War is not the answer, never has been, never will be.  War just avoids dealing with the problems that cause international strife.  The answer is to deal with those problems like mature adults.

Prof. Dr. Günter Wendel, Rentner, Berlin, Germany

Antifaschisten und Friedenskämpfer aller Länder, vereinigt Euch und verhindert alle Spaltungsversuche!!!

J. Michael Springmann, attorney, author, Washington, D.C., USA

The U.S. and Israel are the greatest threats to safety and security.

Ralph Schultz, Professor, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


Lindis Percy, Founder of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB), UK

Thank you for this initiative.

Michael Nagler, Peace educator, Petaluma, CA, USA

Mit Gottes Hilfe!

Notash Farah, artist, Vienna, Austria

Your activity (An Urgent Call for a Multipolar Coalition)    is highly appreciated .Your call will be forwarded as wide as possible. With revolutionary  salute . Farah Notash

Carol Miller, Peaceful Skies Coalition, President, Arroyo Hondo, NM

Peaceful Skies Coalition works nationally and internationally to fight militarism and war. Peaceful Skies Coalition stands up to US military expansionism and calls for the US to turn to peace.

Subrata Ghoshroy, Academic, co-Chair of the International Network of Engineers and Scientists (INES) for Global Responsibility Boston, MA, USA

I am signing as an individual and also as the co-Chair of the International Network of Engineers and Scientists (INES) for Global Responsibility.

Gar Smith, co-founder, Environmentalists Against War, Berkeley, California, USA

Environmentalists Against War fully supports this initiative and will immediately post it on our website. We need to abandon the West-East/North-South Bipolar Disorder. The only thing that can save the multitudes from WWIII is … the multitudes.

Ann Ruthsdottir, fiber artist, Brunswick, Maine, USA

There is NO WAR that produced a lasting PEACE.  Understanding and LOVE is the only way to PEACE.

Emma Jean Lugo, Peace Activist, Portland, Oregon

Unilateral action by the United States against Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and it’s support of torture and the suppression of civil and human rights across the Middle East and Palestine must be countered by a principled and effective resistance rooted in peace and justice.

Becky Luening, artist, Portland, Oregon, USA

It is time for the human community to move beyond barbarism and re-order our priorities to achieve an era of peaceful coexistence and harmonic interdependence. I believe we have the capacity. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way.

Hans-Ulrich Walter, Berater im Unruhestand, Leipzig, Germany

Wir sollten m.E. besser differenzieren. Nicht die USA schlechthin sind der Drahtzieher, sondern die interventionistischen Kräfte der USA um den MIK und deren gut geschmiertes globales Netzwerk.

Hamid Mumin, Professor, Brandon, Canada

Those in power are abusing the trust of humanity.  We choose peace and non-violence as the only way forward, and the only solution is for everyone to put their weapons down and go home.

Theresa Bruckmann, Ökonomin, Worpswede, Germany

Bei der Globalisierung einer Demokratie- und Friedensbewegung bin ich mit Begeisterung dabei!

Lois Barnett, Port Townsend, Washington, USA

Namu myoho renge kyo. Peace.

Suzanne Hedrick, Nobleboro, Maine, USA

I am 84 years old. I am sick and tired of endless wars waged mostly by the US. The endless destruction and death going on in the Middle East is overwhelming.

William Slavick, Retired professor, frm. coordinator of Pax Christi Maine, member of Veterans for Peace, ,

Portland, Maine, USAChurches, sovereign nations, and the United Nations must challenge U.S. imperialism, militarism, aggression, exploitation, fascist capitalist greed, and environmental degradation.

Elaine G McGillicuddy, writer, poet, Portland, Maine, USA

I’ve been actively against war since 1968.

Jeannie Woodbridge, Fraud Investigator, Gold Coast, Australia

My life’s passion is to stop the encroaching totalitarian state and reclaim sovereignty and a world of ‚ubuntu‘.

Lyn Marie Berntson, Eden Prairie, MN, USA

Our world needs wise leaders, those who can avert war and work toward lasting stability for people and planet. It is an urgent time to act for peace, cooperation, and mutual respect.

Sonja Henisch, Vienna, Austria

No war toys, make love, not war! Maybe it is fancy, but it is the only chance for surviving!

Jürgen Schwaneberg, Rentner, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

Ich schließe mich voll an.

Tim Nolan, Managing Editor Global Peace, St.Paul MN, USA

We can We will We must take our country back. We want all our troops back now.

GewerkschafterInnen gegen Atomenergie und Krieg, Vienna, Austria

We are austrian trade unionists against atomic power and war and support this declaration. The establishement – including the leaders of trade unions – are collaborating with the big transnational enterprises and the military-industrial-komplex. That’s not good for the people. Therefore we resiste!

Österreichisches Solidaritätskomitee, Vienna, Austria

As a NGO and non-profit oranization for social welfare we support this declaration for war ist the main reason and tool for the rich to defend their richeness against the poor. No to war – Yes zu equality and social welfare!

Lisa Savage, educator, Solon, ME, USA
We can live cooperatively or die fighting for hegemony. The choice is ours, and time is running out to make it.

Annelie Böttcher, selbständig, Frankfurt (Oder), Deutschland
Kein Krieg gegen Nienanden

Susanne Karafiat, Diplompsychologin, Frankfurt(Oder), Germany

Ich wünsche FRIEDEN, FRIEDEN, FRIEDEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph Hancock, Retired, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Why should the USA have it all when the workers of the world make all the surplus value? STOP NATO!

Kim Soobok, Financing, Closter, New Jersey, USA
I am strongly supporting your idea. I apply your idea to Korean penynsular. North Korea has been demonized by USA and its allies. 
Government funded artists depicted North Korea as evil thru various media including Youtube.  N Korea is a perfect sample of  an USA war target for past 62 years since armistice. After several visits, I found much differently N Korea is rather developing sustainable green habitat model. This may save human being. We should respect N Korea decide their own fate. Thks

Reinhard Schülzke, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Wir als Friedensnetz Frankfurt (Oder) unterstützen diesen Appell!

Barb Schade, educator, Westport, Connecticut, USA
Thank you for heading up this very important declaration. Those who believe they have power cannot stop the peace efforts of millions 
of people.

Frank Scott, writer, Pt. Richmond, USA
we cannot have a multipolar world of social justice and peace as long as the political economics of private profit/public loss 
capitalism prevails!

Don Kimball, Portland, ME, USA
Please join us 3/27-4/2 at Creech AFB Nevada USA to stop the drone killing!

Jammu Narayana Rao, Nagpur, India
US and NATO want to continue the unfinished task of world domination even by destroying other Countries causing death of millions of people including children and then shed crocodile tears.Why there should be thousand lof military bases,missile defenses,weaponisation of space, exporting of deadly weapons,supplying money and arms to the terrorists.

Günther Wassenaar, Lehrer/Rentner, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany
Nur mittels breitester Bündnisse ist es möglich diese Kriegstreiber zu stoppen – und wir dürfen nicht eher ruhen, bevor wir sie für ihr 
Tun vor Gericht gestellt und sie abgeurteilt wurden.

Monica Wapnewski, Yogateacher, Berlin, Germany
you are so right !

Chiarlone Bruno Debenedetti, pataphysic writer, Cairo Montenotte, Italy
Sono d’accordo con gli enunciati della dichiarazione. AGAINST WAR…

Richard Greve, Staten Island, New York, USA
I’t really time for the people to say no to the warmongers who run many nations, especially in the U.S.

Kerstin Welke, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Krieg und Gewalt werden diese Welt zerstören, bei allem was es an Waffen gibt vermutlich dauerhaft. Alle vorangegangen Konflikte in der  Geschichte haben gezeigt, das es nur wenige Gewinner gibt, die sich persönlich bereichern. Das muss die Menschheit, um ihres Überlebens willen, endlich begreifen.

Günther Pfeiffer, Vienna, Austria

Because I want to live ande I want other people to live in our beautiful world, and not to die.

Daniel Epstein, Palo Alto, CA, USA
Thank you for putting this together. I hope it enlightens, and applies pressure on the real evil-doers. Understanding the root causes that motivate policymakers to act in such a threatening manner to humankind is a critical next step.

Joachim Deutsch, Hamburg, Germany
Eine Welt ohne Krieg bedeutet auch, die wirtschaftliche Ausplünderung der einen durch die anderen nicht zuzulassen. Dazu muss der Kapitalismus abgeschafft und die Weltwirtschaftsordnung geändert werden.

Ali Mussa Mwadini, Tanzania
My name is Ali Mussa Mwadini and I am the Founder and currently voluntarily working as Executive Secretary & Peace Activist. Zanzibar Peace, Truth & Transparency Association, is a non-profit Organization, non Political, non Religious, and non Military registered in Zanzibar Tanzania, with its headquarters in Zanzibar Town. Our is against such a background of wars, conflicts, tension and insecurity within Zanzibar community. Our Organization was founded, to focus on True Culture of Peace.

Janet Weil, Staffer, CODEPINK, Concord, California, USA
Nothing is less democratic than war. The time has come to end this destruction of our earth, and build a greener, gentler world.

Lilo u. Hans Hörath, Senioren, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany
Wer als Kind Krieg erleben musste will die eigenen und alle Kinder unserer Welt vor solch bitteren Belastungen schützen helfen!

Martina Lampe, Angestellte, Müllrose, Germany
Das oberste Gebot ist die Erhaltung des Friedens in der Welt. Nein zur Krieg und Zerstörung!

Sonja Jamkojikan-Huber, Vienna, Austria
This is a MUST of support. The „Warmongers have to be stopped!

Jane Newton, Peace Activist, Georgetown, USA
Thank you for thinking of saving the world for our children..

Anja Boettcher, teacher, Bochum, Germany
The increase of war and tensions around the globe, hand in hand with the ghastly concentration of human property ond the one hand, extreme devastation on the other hand poses a serious threat to the survival of mankind. – People have to take the fate of our endangered planet into their own hands and to develop the capacity to base our common future on solidarity.

Marie Hanulak, Berlin, Germany
Respekt, Toleranz, Lebensfreude, Solidarität, Neugier und Aufklärung bündeln und aktiv selbst leben

Chuck Jagoda, writer, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
I fear that between nuclear needs and global warming, we need to start working on a survival culture for after the Big Threats we face.  Eliminating our war-like attitudes and direction and assumptions would be a great first safety step.

Thorsten Schröder, Sozialarbeiter, Taunusstein, Germany
Es kann sein, daß der vorgegebene Text, v.a. in der Langfassung, etwas einseitig interpretiert werden kann im Sinne der Regierungen von Russland, Iran und Syrien.
Dennoch unterschreibe ich, da ich hiermit ansonsten übereinstimme. Gewiss ist die ganze Angelegenheit ziemlich kompliziert / komplex.

Ralf Schlabach, Software-Entwicklungsingenieur, Freiburg, Germany
WIR sind die Mehrheit !

Es gibt Fragen die man sich stellen muss.

Was zählt wirklich ?
Profit oder Menschlichkeit ?
Eine Welt für Alle oder nur für wenige ?

Die Entscheidung liegt alleine bei uns.
Die Verantwortung kann man nicht auf andere abschieben !


Theresa & Blase Bonpane, Directors of the Office of the Americas, Santa Monica
We must abolish war now.

Ruth Edmonds, Jerusalem, Israel
May we not be complacent
May we not loose hope
May we be strong
May we be calm
May we be together
May we make peace.

Peter Hofmann, Leipzig, Germany
Es gibt keine Alternative.

Marion Trommenschläger, Diplompädagogin, Köln, Germany
Wir Menschen wollen in Frieden leben und keinen Krieg und Zerstörung. Die Frage, die ich immer wichtig finde ist: cui bono (wem nützt es).

Ali Mussa Mwadini, Executive Secretary & Peace Activist, Zanzibar Peace, Truth & Transparency Association, Tanzania
It Is Never Too Late To Live Together As Humans; Despite our Political Parties & Religious Differences
To consolidate peace after war is a long-term process.
To consolidate democracy is an even longer one.  Let us unite for the World Peace. Let Peace Prevail on Earth

Erich Fankhauser, „Frieden durch Kultur“-Schweiz, Niederlenz, Schweiz
Die Zeit des „Handelns“ hat höchste Priorität

Hans Wallner, Künstler und Vorsitzender des Vereins Kunst für Frieden e. V., Regensburg
Ich unterzeichne als engagierter Künstler und Vorsitzender des Vereins Kunst für Frieden e. V.

Uwe Stahl, Drucker/Grafiker/attac/ver.di, Altenholz, Germany
Wir haben nur eine Welt und ohne Krieg und Kapitalismus könnte sie weiterleben.

Renate Laue, Lehrerin i. R., Halle (Saale), Germany
Dies ist die einzige Alternative!!!

ALBA, Malta North Africa Coordination, Malta
NATO never paid for its crimes. Its time to put an end to these criminals and all their mercenaries and puppet governments who have brought only chaos, poverty, disasters, sectarian wars in the arab homeland. NO TO WAR! Long live Socialism and Peace!

Dietrich Müller, Konstanz, Germany
Liebe Freundinnen, liebe Freunde, denen, die diesen Aufruf organisiert und formuliert, und jetzt unterzeichnet haben, meinen tief empfundenen Dank! Soweit etwas in dieser, unserer polaren Welt als wahr bezeichnet werden kann, gleicht das einem lupenreinem Diamanten im Gegensatz zu dem Schund, der uns sonst üblicherweise in Form von geschliffenen Glasperlen angedreht wird…  Und um das unterscheiden zu können, bedarf es eines klaren Bewusstseins – und vor allem der LIEBE!

Peter Silbereisen, Humorist, Wiesbaden, Germany
Venceremos !

Martine Sauveur, Giromagny, France
les peuples souverains doivent reprendre le contrôle de leur destin abandonné trop longtemps à leurs soi-disant représentants soumis à la caste mondiale des puissants qui prétendent diriger le monde en semant la peur et le chaos à travers le monde pour leur seul profit.

Martine Sauveur, Giromagny, France
les peuples souverains doivent reprendre le contrôle de leur destin abandonné trop longtemps à leurs soi-disant représentants soumis à la caste mondiale des puissants qui prétendent diriger le monde en semant la peur et le chaos à travers le monde pour leur seul profit.

Hans-Peter Wehrle, Maur, Zürich, Schweiz
längst überfällig!

Léon Meynet, Genève, Suisse
J’adhère entièrement aux fondements de cet appel qui est la seule voie pour sortir des exactions belliqueuses et totalitaires des 
nations agressives et dominantes.

Irmgard Lerch, Konstanz, Germany 
„NIE WIEDER KRIEG!“ Käthe Kollwitz

Kadda Medjeded, author, Mostaganem, Algerie
œuvrons pour la paix dans le monde
working for peace in the world.

Marie Christine Freisen, Ferrieres, Belgium
Alle haben ein Recht auf Selbstbestimmung !!! Ich gehe auch nicht zum Nachbarshaus und sage ihnen was sie zu tun haben!!

Werner Frey, Elekr. Ing., Bronschhofen, Schweiz
Vielen Dank für diese gute Darstellung der momentanen Situation.

Léon Meynet, Genève, Suisse
J’adhère entièrement aux fondements de cet appel qui est la seule voie pour sortir des exactions belliqueuses et totalitaires des nations agressives et dominantes.
I fully support this call. It is the only way out of warlike and aggressive and totalitarian abuses of dominant nations.

Ilona Haack, Rentnerin, Ritzerow, Germany
Danke an die Initiatoren. Nein, nie wieder Krieg. Nein an die Hetzer und Profiteure.

Cornelia Praetorius, Berlin
Mütter gegen den Krieg, Christliche Friedenskonferenz

Therese Dangauthier, Dijon, France
Non à la guerre pour nos enfants et petits enfants.

Regula Vontobel, Basel, Schweiz
Unser tägliches Gebet: Freier Frieden walte auf Erden, Licht, Liebe und Leben!

Margot Wahl, Zürich, Schweiz
ERZIEHUNG ETHIK POLITIK – (education, ethics, politics)

Wilfried Meißner, Arzt a.D., Saalfeld, Germany
CIA/BND/…“Scientology“ must perish

Dr. Hans-Jörg Schlichte, Hitzacker, Germany    
Es wird Zeit gegen den Wahnsinn die Stimme zu erheben


Michaela Tiedemann, Rentnerin, Lindau (Bodensee), Germany
Das Licht wird siegen!


Ruth Hofmänner, lic.phil. Psychologin, Winterthur, Schweiz
Krieg bedeutet Leid und Tod für unendlich viele Menschen- Frieden heisst Weiterentwicklungs-Möglichkeit für alle Menschen.

Brigitte Queck, Dipl. Staatswiss. Außenpolitik, Potsdam, Deutschland
Eine multipolare Welt garantiert auch dem kleinsten Staat in der Welt seine Souveränität wahrzunehmen, so wie das in der UNO-Charta verankert ist.

Willy Wahl, Zürich, Schweiz

Der Aufruf – oder Weckruf – ist begrüssenswert und in der brandgefährlichen Weltlage wichtig und soll um die Welt gehen. Dass er in 17 Sprachen übersetzt ist, finde ich vorbildlich!

Krieg ist ein schmutziges Geschäft, den Harold Pinter in seiner Nobelpreisrede einen «Akt der Barbarei» bezeichnet hat.

Leider hören wir am Stammtisch immer noch «Krieg hat es immer gegeben – Krieg wird es immer geben».

Darum plädiere ich für eine globale Volksaufklärung:
«Man hat ja noch niemals versucht, den Krieg ernsthaft zu bekämpfen. Man hat ja noch niemals alle Schulen und alle Kirchen, alle Kinos und alle Zeitungen für die Propaganda des Krieges gesperrt.
Man weiß also gar nicht, wie eine Generation aussähe, die in der Luft eines gesunden und kampfesfreudigen, aber kriegsablehnenden Pazifismus aufgewachsen ist. Das weiß man nicht.»
Kurt Tucholsky 1931

Marie-Françoise Cordemans, Bruxelles, Belgien
NON à la guerre … OUI à un monde multipolaire!

Gudrun Haas, Trainerin für Gewaltfreie Kommunikation, Mediatorin, München
Die Internationale Münchner Friedenskonferenz 2016 hat in einem Expertenhearing ein Manifest zum Schutz der Menschenrechte durch Prävention 
diskutiert und weiter entwickelt.

Barbara Tropp, Techn. Angestellte, Hennef, Germany
Bitte bitte, Frieden schaffen ohne Waffen.

Heinz Schwirten, Sozialarbeiter, Lindlar, Germany
Wie konnte es nur soweit kommen?


Lukas Zingg, Masken-Bauer, Basel, Schweiz
Ich denke, dass eigentlich alle den Frieden wollen. Warum also 
herrscht in der Welt das Gegenteil?

Gisela Hess-Hatting, Rentnerin, Viöl, Germany
Bitte – lasst uns in Frieden leben!

Reto Mettauer, Dornach, Schweiz
Globale Abrüstung ist dringend nötig!


Mauro Valderrama, Berlin, Germany
La guerra es el peor invento de la humanidad…para qué hemos avanzado tanto en las ciencias y en la tecnología…solo para matarnos los unos a los otros??? Qué cosa más abzurda:::

Heidi Foerster, Berlin

Die USA/Nato bereiten seit Obamas 2. Amtsperiode den Krieg gegen China vor. Zu diesem Zweck wurde Japans Neutralität auf Druck der USA aufgehoben, Südkorea wird funktionalisiert usw.usw. Deshalb ist diese Initiative äußerst wichtig und umfassend zu unterstützen.


Elkje Schneider, Frankfurt, Germany

Wir müssen uns einsetzen für eine solidarische und SOZIALE Gesellschaft. Solange die einen immer mehr haben und nicht mehr wissen wohin damit und die anderen – auch in diesem unserem Lande – täglich in ihrer Existenz bedroht sind, kann es keinen (sozialen!) Frieden geben.

DAHER: UMFAIRTEILEN JETZT!! Ein gutes Leben für alle, egal ob mit oder ohne (sozialversicherungspflichtig) bezahlte Erwerbsarbeit. Schluss mit Sozialleistungsabbau, Sanktionen und Schikanen. Ein Leben in Würde für alle!!


Frank Dorrel,  Publisher – ADDICTED To WAR – Associate Producer: PAYING THE PRICE FOR PEACE

I realize that I have listed many films here. There is no need to try to watch all of these films in a short period of time. But the films listed below basically spell out what I like to call: “The True Nature of U.S. Foreign Policy”. These films are the proof that the United States has killed as many as 20 million or more innocent people since the end of World War II – with many millions more being injured, losing their homes and having their way of life ruined.  This list is the best way I can think of to help educate yourself and others who might be interested in knowing about this. I believe that the Americans who have died in these wars, have died for lies coming from our government and our mainstream media, which are both owned by the same people who profit from these wars.

It is what I call: “The Big Lie”.  It is Orwellian and like The Matrix. I do not know what is actually going on now in Syria or Libya or The Ukraine, but one thing I do know is that we cannot trust that the United States will ever do the right thing when it comes to foreign policy. Whatever action this country takes is to benefit the corporations, the oil companies, the bankers and the war machine: also known as: The Military Industrial Complex. The United States is ADDICTED To WAR.

It is up to us to try to stop this horrible situation. There are more people now who do understand this to some degree than ever before in history. The films listed below and many books that have been written on this subject are a big reason why this is so. Not to mention the many anti-war/peace groups there are in this country. And the Internet is another big reason there is more awareness about this. In the alterative media, Democracy Now, hosted by Amy Goodman, is the most listened to/watched program in this country. You will hear more truth by listening to Democracy Now than anywhere else. To my knowledge, no one else has ever put together a list like this one. There are many other films like these that you can watch on-line. 

Thế giới đa cực chống chiến tranh

Lời kêu gọi khẩn cấp từ một Liên minh đa cực cho hòa bình. Thế giới chúng ta đang ở một bước ngoặt quan trọng và nguy hiểm. Các chính sách phá hoại sẽ can thiệp quân sự đơn phương và thay đổi chế độ bất hợp pháp. Hoa Kỳ và cái đồng minh sử dụng phương tiện truyền thông để can thiệp vào quân sự đơn phương làm thay đổi chế độ của các nước và nguy và sẽ dẫn đến khả năng cuộc đối đầu quân sự giữa các cường quốc thế giới và có thể xảy ra cuộc chiến tranh thế giới mới.

Bây giờ là thời điểm cấp bách để giải quyết mỗi đe dọa nghiêm trọng đến con người:

-Yêu câu Hoa Kỳ không can thiệp vai quyền tự quyết của mỗi người quốc gia.

-Tôn trọng các nguyên tắc về chủ quyền mỗi dân tộc

-Đặt việc chấp hành pháp luật quốc tế ưu tiên hàng đầu

Đây là cuộc gọi khẩn cấp tới các quốc gia, các tổ chức, các phong trào hòa bình trên thế giới cùng tham gia để xây dựng một liên minh toàn cầu sức mạnh nhằm ngăn chặn thảm họa có thể xảy ra. Bằng cách tăng cường sự hợp tác đa cực, thúc đẩy ngoại giao hòa bình, cải luật pháp quốc tế, cùng nhau chống lại chủ nghĩa Xâm luộc và bác bỏ những thái độ khiêu khích đơn phương

Chúng ta hợp tác cúng với Thế giới đơn cực, trong đó phương Tây quyết định số phận thế giới, hang hợp tác thành Thế giới đa cực trong đó có chủ quyền quốc gia, một môi trường hòa bình, một hợp tác hữu nghị vá tôn trọng lẫn nhau?

Điều rõ ràng, rằng Thế giới đa cực là sức mạnh tổng hợp mà chúng ta cần phải lựa chọn và hợp tác 

Chúng tôi hãy tham gia lời kêu gọi này bằng cách ký tên hoặc phổ biến các tuyên bó này đến tất cả mọi người bằng sự nổ lực của mình.

„KHÔNG đến chiến tranh … CÓ, đến một thế giới đa cực! „

(translation by Susann)